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Va Va Valentine: Anniversary of Love

Let. Us. Entertain. You.


Calling ALL amazingly talented, wildly creative, absolutely exciting, super funnnnnn and ready to jump on that stage and perform HUMANS! We are ready to see you strut YOUR stuffs and are looking for a FEW fabulous people to join our CREW!

Va Va Vixens have been creating incredible, jaw dropping burlesque-variety shows since 2009 and we are ready to branch out! We are interested in choreographers, dancers of all genres, singers of all styles, musicians (you heard me), aerial performers ready to experience all types of apparatuses, acrobats, circus weirdos and performance artists of all stripes (no fire, tho)! If you have a weird skill (that isn’t illegal!), we wanna know about it! Like, if you can juggle while riding a unicycle, let’s see it! If you have an amazing voice and can play the ukulele, we must know! If you can jump super high into the splits and make a dramatic landing, yeah, that’s COOL! We wanna see what this town can dooooo!

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Thanks so much,
Va Va Vixens

*If you can’t make the actual audition date in person, we are also cool with a video! Message us for more details!



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KEITH WAITSArts-Louisville.com
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“And that sexuality is one of the crucial aspects of the show, and a challenge to review. In a time of necessary sensitivity to objectification and rape culture in America, the Vixens seem to offer a safe harbor to exult in an honest, adult expression of sensual and erotic pleasures.”
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An Extravaganza, with Pasties. Frye, who is the Vixens’ guidepost, shepherds her flock of artists, performers and acrobats into putting on the final touches while perfecting the most subtle of nuances, which separate a Vixens show from any other show in the city.”
ELI KEELInsider Louisville
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“There’s the heart stopping drops on those painstakingly hung aerial equipment. There’s the wink and sass of the hip hop, twerk and jazz dance numbers. There are dirty jokes, and, of course, the strip tease, as carefully chosen and constructed costumed are removed one piece at a time, in the signature burlesque numbers. All those undies that were strewn around are now employed for the purpose of catching your attention, and the Vixens want your eyes glued to them.”
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